With nearly 24% of Shenandoah County covered by National Forest, there are plenty of trails perfect for horseback riding. Whether you are looking to spend a couple hours on a guided ride or plan a longer stay with your own horses, we’ve got you covered.


At Classicus Farm they teach the principles of Classical Dressage with a focus on lightness in the French tradition.  They accept all breeds for training as classical dressage is a dance for any horse no matter what discipline you choose to ride. 

Aside from training and instruction at the farm, They also offer online service for instruction, guided trail rides, an annual open house, and workshops.

1630 Chapman Landing Rd., Edinburg, VA  22824       540-459-8591


Whether you are looking for a guided horseback ride on one of their sure-footed horses or bring your own horse, Fort Valley Ranch has the perfect setting.  Nestled in the “Valley Within the Valley” created by the surrounding Massanutten Mountains, the Fort Valley Ranch offers miles of marked trails on the ranch property as well as access to the National Forest. Offering bunkhouse style cabins and travel packages as well.


299 S Fort Valley Rd., Fort Valley, VA 22652  |  540-933-6633


Ride year round on over 850 acres of private land and open space as well as an indoor arena.  Located in Fort Valley, Secret Passage Ranch offers trail rides, carriage rides, riding lessons and special needs & therapeutic riding.  The ranch also hosts events, weddings, fishing & camping trips.

321 Spring Mountain Way, Fort Valley, VA 22652  |  540-933-6564