Adventure Awaits

own adventure through the winding roads and stunning wilderness of Shenandoah County. With this flexible, multi-day itinerary, stay for the weekend or come for a day. Your adventure awaits in Shenandoah County.

Home Away from Home

Begin your journey at one of the Valley’s cozy cabins or pristine campgrounds, where you will be awakened by the sunrise and lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature. Then, head out on the open trail and discover all that Shenandoah County has to offer.

Mountain Majesty

Gear up and fuel up at New Star Market, a quaint country store with a historical feel and majestic views. After outfitting yourself with local outdoor gear, take a photo next to the market’s colorful mural of the Shenandoah Valley. Then, follow scenic Route 55 westward into the George Washington National Forest. A quick detour to the Tuscarora Trail / Eagle Rock Trailhead will lead you to sweeping views of the Valley and ridge. After your hike, wine’d down under open skies at Star in the Valley Estate Winery. The winery’s open tasting room and glowing fire pits make for an intimate space to enjoy the sunset. As you draw the day to a close, end with a hearty meal from Old Dominion Doggery, where you can order quirky, custom creations such as the Elvis Burger, Strasburger, Grilled Cheese Burger, or Quadzilla, or create your own burgers and dogs. Vegetarian options are also available. Settle in for the night at basecamp and dream of wandering trails.

Valley Within the Valley

Rise and shine with local breakfast favorites or stop in to pack a picnic lunch at Blue Wing Frog, a great spot with locally sourced ingredients. Or, stop by Burg Nutrition for an energy-boosting protein shake. With your shake in hand, wind your way through the Valley within the Valley until you reach the Signal Knob trailhead. As you make the ascent to the top of Signal Knob, allow yourself to observe the forest’s natural wonders. In the spring, mountain laurel and tiny mushrooms will line your path. In the fall, red and gold leaves will grace the trail’s overlooks. If you prefer to bike to the summit, the Little Passage Creek and Three Top Mountain trails will guide you through the wilderness. After your climb to the summit, plunge into the crystal clear waters of Blue or Red Hole and allow the movement of the rapids to soothe your sore muscles. Continue your road trip south to Secret Passage Ranch to ride horseback through the Valley’s fields and streams. When time allows, return to the ranch for a relaxing day of fishing along Passage Creek.

River Rider

Start your journey downriver at the hanging bridge at Chapman Landing Road. Meander through the smooth and steady bends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, allowing your kayaks to glide at the pace of the river. Dock your kayaks at the Lupton entrance of Seven Bends State Park, where you can take a photo next to the LOVE sign with the ones you love most. Then, drive along shaded dirt roads to Muse Vineyards to enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine. As your glass is emptied, take a walk through the vineyard’s self-guided walking trail and play on the swinging bridge adjacent to the property. Continue your journey downtown to Flour and Water Co. and Woodstock Brew House, a renovated industrial-age gem. Dine on starters and craft beer with names that honor the river. North Fork Golden Ale and Seven Bender Pale Ale are sure to remind you of your ride through the rapids. While you are downtown, take yourself on a scavenger hunt and find the statue of the hiker on Main Street. As the stars begin to emerge, retreat to your home away from home to be lulled asleep by the sounds of nature.

Walk on the Wild Side

Embark on the ultimate climbing adventure with Lester Zook, Shenandoah County’s Wild GUYde. Join Lester as he takes you to the base of a secluded sandstone cliff known to locals as Waterfall Mountain. As you climb, feel the cool mountain air on your skin and take in panoramic views as you reach 60 feet of bliss. After your climb, wind down switchbacks to the town of New Market to refuel with handhelds and freshly roasted coffee at Jackson’s Corner Café. With your belly full, take the scenic route to the County’s southernmost wineries and breweries. At Swover Creek Farms, play a round of disc golf or relax on their rustic, laid-back porch. Or, at The Winery at Kindred Pointe, greet one of their friendly horses and roam one of their many walking trails.