Though we’re known primarily for our great outdoors, scenic views and robust wineries, there’s way more to Shenandoah County than meets the eye. As proof, we rounded up some of the quirkiest, most offbeat and on-trend things to do in our area. It may be April 1, but it’s no joke … these things really do exist!


Breakfast Bacon

Originally made famous in the 1960s by National Geographic, the breakfast bacon formations in Shenandoah Caverns will have your tummy grumbling 200 feet underground. Don’t get too hungry, though. It’s just red-striped limestone that – when illuminated – looks eerily similar to a sizzling breakfast food we all love.


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Festival

Looking for something you can actually eat after being drawn in by the Caverns’ bacon formations? Held each November, this festival celebrates the classic duo we all yearn for on a chilly day … grilled cheese and tomato soup! Festival-goers taste a variety of sandwiches and soups, then vote for their favorite combo.


American Celebration on Parade

Have you ever been enamored with a float you’ve seen on TV during a Thanksgiving or Rose Bowl parade and wanted to get a closer look? Well, here’s your chance. This unique museum features parade floats from popular events that range from presidential inaugurations to Turkey Day extravaganzas.


Garage Getaway

Unique vacation rentals are all the rage … and we’ve got a good one! In Strasburg, guests can stay at the Nash Vintage Garage, which was built in 1935 and recently renovated into accommodations that a car enthusiast can dream about … and in! Some people come to this area to sleep under the stars, but we recommend sleeping next to the cars.


On a visit to our region, you can expect the unexpected. From individualistic museums to unusual landmarks, Shenandoah County is full of surprises!